How to Spice Up Your Sex Life

How to Spice Up Your Sex Life

Has the flame of your sex life between you and your partner died, and your bedroom has become one dull and predictable place? Is reliving memories of those days when you both had a crazy sex drive and used to make love like rabbits the only thing you can now do? Well, all is not lost since you can change things and re-ignite your sex drive all over again.

You and your partner can get out of the rut, but you need to try out some of the naughtiest and freakiest sex stuff. These will spice up your sex life, and you can keep trying new things to ensure you do not relapse. Here is a story about some freaky sex acts a woman arranged for her man, and how it was mind-blowing. You can also borrow a leaf from her.

The following are some unusual sex acts couples can try to spice up their sex life:

Explore Different and New Fetishes

trying new thingsIt is not until you try different and new things that you can get to know of some fetishes that you were not aware they worked for you. You can have fun with your partner’s feet, ear lobes, and other things as you check if they will make sex exciting. You can try to lick or smell some of their body parts, for example, sniffing the armpits and see it that arouses you.

Do your homework thoroughly on finding out about common fetishes and giving them a try. For a start, try the basic things because you need to avoid going wild, yet you are just experimenting with these ideas for the first time. Gradually, move on to the dirtiest and freakiest things dropping what does not work for both of you. Keep trying others and going on with what works best.

Watch Porn Together

watching porn togetherWhile watching porn alone and then having solo sex can be crazy and fun, watching it with your partner while making love can be more exciting. Sometimes you could get ideas of sex styles or things you have never tried, you can then try them out as a couple. It is upon you to identify the kind of porn that you find interesting, for example, professionally filmed videos or amateur homemade sex videos.

Use Sex Toys Together

Visit a physical or online sex toy shop and buy some fantastic toys. The toys range from vibrators to male masturbation sleeves, to dildos, to mention a few. You can choose what will liven things up for you as a couple and use them together to make things wilder and more exciting.

Three Sexual Fetishes That May Spice Up Your Sex

Three Sexual Fetishes That May Spice Up Your Sex

Believe it or not, sex life can be boring after some time. If there is no sign yet for it to happen to you, then it is just the right moment for you to learn about how to overcome such boredom. Actually, there are plenty of ways that can help you bring the flame back to your bed. But here, we will focus on fetishism.

First, you need to know that fetishism can be induced. For instance, you can check here to learn to fetishize women from South America. From there, check other genres and see the one that attracts you the most.

Leg Fetish

This body-part fetishism can actually contribute to your partner’s confidence. Now, imagine worshipping her legs and going down on her afterward. You can also ask her to wear boots, heels, fishnet, or garter belt. If you have not idea what they are, then browse them! You’ll get an instant turn on for sure! However, your partner must be accustomed to keeping her hygiene in check. Otherwise, the whole attempts will be awkward.

If you want to do things subtly, you can bring your woman to a beauty clinic and get her the treatments. For instance, a laser procedure can remove cellulite. Waxing and massage can relax her and rejuvenate her skin. Your lover will definitely appreciate this effort, and she will surprise you with how hot she’ll become.

Faux-Sibling Fetisishm

Although this idea sounds morbid, imagining your girlfriend as your sister can actually bring some thrill to the sex. But make sure that your woman is into this too, or she won’t be in the mood. Also, watching some porn movies can give you some ideas on how the scenario will be.

Another thing to note here is that how this fetishism relies heavily on word use. Therefore, set the accepted vocabulary with your girlfriend, but do not make it as if it were forced. Keep everything natural.

Bondage and Sadomasochism (BDSM)

perky bottomBDSM might be too extreme for you, but it does not have to. The idea here is to incorporate some pain into your sex with just the right intensity. Therefore, the first thing to learn about BDSM is about using a safe word. If you or your partner say the word, whatever activity is on progress must stop. And only after both of you have that kind of agreement and understanding, flogging, choking, spanking, and even nut-busting can be fun.

BDSM also includes rape fantasy. Our website does not condone non-consensual sex. Therefore, even the rape fantasy here must be previously discussed with the partner. If done correctly, this act can improve the thrill during sex because pain, fear, and carnal pleasure can all become one and create a sensation that you and your partner will never experience before.

Casual Sex Rules You Need to Follow

Have you been in a casual hookup? If that is the case, you are not alone. Studies show that a lot of people are getting into no commitment thing as opposed to attachment relationships. It does not matter your reason for wanting a casual hookup; the fact is that sexo gratis en tenerife can spice up your life. How can you tell the rules to follow? It is a good idea to develop some rules you need to follow to avoid getting strings attached and even get most out of the relationship.

Find the Right Person

casual sexIn a casual sex relationship, getting the right person has another meaning different from a romantic relationship. Remember that you are not looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right. Instead, you are looking for a person to have great sex with. That means you need to skip your close friends and office colleagues, as things get weird afterward. You need to hook up with people you do not know that well. Even if that does not work, there are many online dating websites for casual hookups.

Set Some Ground Rules

Although some rules look like killing the enjoyment of casual sex relationships, you may regret not having some rules from the start.

Stay Safe

Remember that casual sex is not about getting everything casual, right? You should not get swiped into excitement and forget how important it is to have protected sex. Any sex that you practice should have zero strings attached and always protected. It does not matter whether you are exclusive or not; you need to look for different ways to protect yourself and your partner from STD and unwanted pregnancy. If you are not sure what the best birth control method is, you need to talk to your doctor, and you will get relevant advice.

Leave Your Emotions Behind

enjoying sexYou should note that casual sex relationships do work when both sides agree to put their emotions aside. In most cases, both individuals know why they are getting together to enjoy sex. Do not be fooled that it will get into something more lasting because chances are; it won’t. Since you will spend adequate time with another person, you might end up liking some of them. That is where things start to become messy. Even if you end up developing emotions, do not go ahead and say, “I love you” statement.

Pros and Cons of Watching Pornography

Pros and Cons of Watching Pornography

When it comes to watching pornography, there will always be people who are all for it and people who are all against it. Porn is still considered to be something controversial for people, especially for religious people. Pornography is something that is x-rated and can only be enjoyed by adults that are already of a certain age. Not everyone is allowed to consume this type of adult entertainment.

When it comes to porn, there is now a wide array of several different sites where you can watch it. Some famous porn sites include Pornhub, Brazzers, and many more on the internet. To many people, porn is a very positive thing to indulge in. However, for a lot of people, it is something that is condemned.

In this article, we will be talking about the result of the pornography industry. We are going to dig deeper into the pros as well as the cons of watching porn. After that, we will sum it all into a conclusion for you to decide. Here are the pros and cons of watching porn:


yesPornography is a form of entertainment for adults. When it comes to the pros of porn, we will be talking about the benefits and the bright side of indulging yourself in watching adult entertainment. Since it is a form of entertainment, porn is very entertaining.

Not only does porn excite you, but it can also help in immensely improving your sex drive. Watching porn is a getaway from reality where you can let your sexual fantasies run wild. Not only that it does that, but if you watch it with your sex partner, it can also aid in your sexual relationship by watching together.


contra Many people in society still consider that watching porn is frowned upon. Not everyone is society thinks that watching porn is acceptable, especially people with strong religious beliefs. Other than that, many religions also deem watching porn as a sin.

However, with religious beliefs aside, watching porn does have several other cons. If your first encounter to sexual intercourse is through porn, then get ready to be let down by the real thing. People who watch a lot of porn before their first sexual encounter set too high of an expectation. Porn is made to be exaggerated.


When it comes to the conclusion of the article, it is evident that porn has its pros and cons. With all the points that are viable and considered, it is concluded that watching porn is both a pro and a con. It all depends on you. Do what you believe in, and do what makes you happy.

Tips on How to Increase Testosterone in Men

Tips on How to Increase Testosterone in Men

Testosterone is the main male hormone that is responsible for various health effects. In adults, having healthy levels of this hormone will ensure that one is strong, can perform their sexual duties well, and the disease risks are minimized. This is why if you realize that your testosterone level is down, you need to do something in order to boost it. There are several ways that can help you achieve this. Some of them are highlighted in this article

Weight Lifting and Exercises

weight liftingExercise is one of the sure ways that can help increase testosterone levels in your body. Most people do it for the sake of reducing weight, and also gaining strong muscles. What they seem not to understand is that for one to have strong muscles, there must be an increase in the level of testosterone. This is why you will see obese people looking like they do not have muscles because the level of testosterone in their body is less. When they start going to the gym, things change and they start developing big muscles.

Eat Proteins

The types of food that you eat will always have a direct impact on your health. For instance, eating plenty of protein is good for your health as far as testosterone levels is concerned in your body. It has been proven beyond any reasonable doubts that people who eat food rich in protein never fall short of the hormone. You, however, need to choose your source of protein wisely since not all of them are good. For instance, eating a lot of food can make you have cancer.

Minimize Stress

Have you ever wondered why when men are stressed cannot perform well when it comes to bedroom matters? Well, the answer is simple, it is because the testosterone levels in their body are down. Therefore, if you want to increase the level of this male hormone in your body, you need to make sure that you are never stressed. Just try to be happy and anytime that you feel stressed, go to the gym and do away with the bad stress-causing hormone.

Get Some Sun

sunThe sun is right for your health. Exposing yourself to sunlight for sometimes is good because it will help you to have vitamin D. The benefits associated with vitamin D are many and this includes increasing the testosterone levels in the body. You should however not overdo because it may burn your skin.



Finding casual sex partners

Internet connectivity around the globe had led to an increased number of activities on various online platforms. Businesses are now being done through the internet. People are now able to shop on a website, order a product or service and eventually pay without limitations of distance. E-commerce is the largest beneficiary of the development of online platforms. Similarly, education is now facilitated by online courses that allow enrollment from students from all over the world. Surely the world is becoming a global village, and the dating scene has not been left behind.

Dating online has grown in terms of popularity over the past decade. Searching partners are now able to find eachtouching woman's breast other regardless of their country of domicile. Geographical limitations have been diminished, and people can find partners freely on the internet. However, in dating people are always looking for different things. Some people are looking to meet and date foreign partners, others are looking for soul mates whereas most people are looking for casual sex partners.

Casual sex is characterized by the desire to enjoy a physical experience without subjecting each other to emotional attachments. Often, people want a hassle-free sexual encounter that does not require the investment of time and emotions. Looking for casual sex partner online in follar asturias is an exciting experience primarily because of the diversity of people that you will find. However, the extensive diversity may make it harder for you to choose the ideal partner. The following tips can be used to find the best casual sex partner for you;

Understand your type

As mentioned earlier, the internet is beset with a diversity of people in terms of race, culture, origin, and size. Therefore you ought to understand the type of partner that you want to explore with. Once you ascertain your type, it’ll be easier to narrow down your options.

Find the best sites

coupleThere are numerous dating sites on the internet. In this regard, you have to find the most diverse website that is well organized and fit to facilitate your needs. The website acts as a medium for you to meet the ideal partner and therefore such a medium should be of great quality.


Create an appealing profile

Your profile will determine your chances of attracting an array of partners. It is, therefore your responsibility to create a profile that represents your best attributes. Also, the images that you will broadcast must accentuate your best physical features. The images should not be blurry but be of clear and unblemished quality.


Ways to choose the best lingerie

Ways to choose the best lingerie

When choosing lingerie, less is the best. Evening parties, dinners, and other events are part of the urban culture. Thus, it is important for women to dress up in a way that makes them look beautiful and attractive. When preparing yourself for the function, you need to prepare a lot. The following are tips to choose lingerie that will make your man lust:

Picking lingerie

Simple colors

woman with lingerie White, black, or a hint of color can help accentuate your hot and curves. In fact, you will look elegant, bustier and hot. Skin-toned or bring colors are not. Men want to see whatever you are wearing and follow curves of the body with the eyes. Anything else is less than perfect. If you are in doubt, black will look sexy and chic without a lot of effort.

Should fit well

It is necessary that you look great in the outfit you put on. It is difficult to adjust straps, scratching, or readjusting the thong because of the outfit inches. Picking, scratching, and picking are some of the things men can notice from a few meters away. Remember that fashion are not made equal. In fact, not all lingerie styles can flatter your body shape. However, if it feels uncomfortable, it will also look uncomfortable.

Do not be complicated

You should avoid wearing lingerie that is difficult to take off. In fact, attempting to remove complicated lingerie can kill the mood of your man quite quickly. Do not just assume that your man knows how to untie, unsnap, unbuckle, unzip, or untie to get you naked. Rather, keep it. If you keep it complicated, then you can take it off yourself.

Remember accessories

black lingerieIt is a good idea to accessorize with jewelry or shoes. Go for sexy heels and a necklace that does not come off when others do. Every time your man sees you in great accessories, he will start imagining about what you are wearing underneath.

Accentuate your shape

It is important to know how to accentuate and flatter your body shape. You should wear what makes you feel and look beautiful, confident, and sexy. Avoid wearing lingerie that does not flatter your body. As you know, men process things visually. They do not read much into the effort, intent, or subtext. Instead, wear what makes you look great. Put on what makes you feel great and think about what men want you to wear.

Best Tips When Selecting The Best Asian Massage In London

Best Tips When Selecting The Best Asian Massage In London

People head out for a massage for different reasons. There are those who do it because of health related complications while others are out to relax and relieve stress. Despite your reasons for choosing a massage, it is important that you settle on one that suits your needs.

This outline will explore some of the best tips that will help you settle on a good Asian massage

 The customer requirements

woman eating banana

If you are looking for a good Asian massage, it’s important that you are familiar with the client’s need. Most people usually want to be asked how they want the massage done and this improves the overall experience. If you find a place that tries to get to the bottom of what you expect from them, then you are guaranteed to a certain degree that you’re going to receive quality service.

A welcoming environment

Your first visit at the massage outlet will determine whether you’ll seek their services or not. A good Asian massage outlet will usually have a welcoming staff that will take you through what they have to offer in details so that you can comfortably settle on what you want.

The massage experience

It’s important for the massage experience to be as solemn and comfortable as possible. Music will always be part of the spa experience, and it’s meant to create a great ambiance, but it should not have to distract the peace. Good Asian massage will usually have good sound track and lasts long enough and would not wind down until the session is over. The importance of the songs is to guide the customer throughout the process and to wind down is a signal that the experience is coming to an end.

The use of scents

Not everyone is used to strong scented perfumes, and it can be a huge turn off for many people. If you are looking for a great massage experience, then you should consider outlets that are sparingly scented. Subtle yet distinct scents are perfect for a great massage experience.

Overall sanitation


No one would want to have a massage in an area full of filth, and therefore cleanliness is critical in ensuring that customers keep coming back. If you notice that old and rusty towels are used in a spa, then it’s not a place that you should think twice. Good Asia massage will involve the use of clean and quality towels and wouldn’t stay for long before they are changed. Additionally, they would have everything organized, and you would hardly find the bathroom used as cupboard or store room.