How to Spice Up Your Sex Life

How to Spice Up Your Sex Life

Has the flame of your sex life between you and your partner died, and your bedroom has become one dull and predictable place? Is reliving memories of those days when you both had a crazy sex drive and used to make love like rabbits the only thing you can now do? Well, all is not lost since you can change things and re-ignite your sex drive all over again.

You and your partner can get out of the rut, but you need to try out some of the naughtiest and freakiest sex stuff. These will spice up your sex life, and you can keep trying new things to ensure you do not relapse. Here is a story about some freaky sex acts a woman arranged for her man, and how it was mind-blowing. You can also borrow a leaf from her.

The following are some unusual sex acts couples can try to spice up their sex life:

Explore Different and New Fetishes

trying new thingsIt is not until you try different and new things that you can get to know of some fetishes that you were not aware they worked for you. You can have fun with your partner’s feet, ear lobes, and other things as you check if they will make sex exciting. You can try to lick or smell some of their body parts, for example, sniffing the armpits and see it that arouses you.

Do your homework thoroughly on finding out about common fetishes and giving them a try. For a start, try the basic things because you need to avoid going wild, yet you are just experimenting with these ideas for the first time. Gradually, move on to the dirtiest and freakiest things dropping what does not work for both of you. Keep trying others and going on with what works best.

Watch Porn Together

watching porn togetherWhile watching porn alone and then having solo sex can be crazy and fun, watching it with your partner while making love can be more exciting. Sometimes you could get ideas of sex styles or things you have never tried, you can then try them out as a couple. It is upon you to identify the kind of porn that you find interesting, for example, professionally filmed videos or amateur homemade sex videos.

Use Sex Toys Together

Visit a physical or online sex toy shop and buy some fantastic toys. The toys range from vibrators to male masturbation sleeves, to dildos, to mention a few. You can choose what will liven things up for you as a couple and use them together to make things wilder and more exciting.